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Leslie is a games writer, an author of short stories, and a professionally-produced playwright. She's currently one of the writers for the game Tattered Weave, and her stories for children have been published in magazines such as Spider. Learn more.


Leslie is one of the co-founders of Habitica, a habit-building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. With in-game rewards and punishments to inspire you, Habitica can help you achieve your goals to be healthy, hard-working, and happy. In addition to a wide variety of productivity tools, Habitica includes fun features such as battling monsters with your friends, unlocking armor for your avatar, and more! 

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Leslie’s Writing Projects


Images courtesy of tatteredweave.com, copyright Mythmakers, LLC

Tattered Weave

As one of the writers for the role-playing and pet-raising interactive site Tattered Weave, Leslie helped to devleop the characters and world-building for the sci-fi area, the Cosmic Solarium. She also planned and wrote the plot and dialogue for the multi-month "Discovering the Cosmic Solarium" event, and is now one of the writers for ongoing quests and upcoming site updates.

Short Stories

Leslie enjoys writing short stories for children. Her previous published work includes “Unmagical Cat” in Spider Magazine. "Unmagical Cat" is the story of Maria, a young aspiring witch who must showcase her familiar's abilities in her school's next Show and Spell - except that her new cat appears to have absolutely no powers at all. 

Leslie is also the author of “A Proper Dragon”, in which a tiny dragon runs afoul of a princess bootcamp, and “The Giant of Wasselwharf”, which follows a town that desperately hopes to attract tourists with a fearsome giant... and is instead beset by an enormous walrus. Both short stories appeared in Spellbound, a fantasy magazine for children (no longer available online). 


2008 Production of Right to Privacy at the Blank Theatre ( www.theblank.com ). Featuring: John Kassir, Constance Zimmer. Photo copyright belongs to the Blank Theatre.

2008 Production of Right to Privacy at the Blank Theatre (www.theblank.com). Featuring: John Kassir, Constance Zimmer. Photo copyright belongs to the Blank Theatre.


Leslie is also a playwright. Her one-act play LOL, in which two brothers have a fiercely absurd debate after their cat goes viral, was published by JD Drama Publishing. She has also had two one-act plays professionally produced at the Blank Theatre in Los Angeles. 

Her 2007 play Under a Tree follows a thoughtful tree as she spends a year observing the relationship of two teenagers who meet in her park. Her 2008 play Right to Privacy showcases a hotel for quirky travelers. When the perpetually grumpy traveler Mr. Derringdale breaks the hotel's cardinal rule, even the unflappable proprietor, Ellene, feels her temper flaring... until a shared love of crocodiles rears its toothy head. 


In addition to her other work developing Habitica as an app and website, Leslie was the lead writer and editor between 2013-2018. During this time, she worked to develop and edit many of their quests, and wrote their seasonal events and World Boss plot-lines.